OSHA requires that host employers treat temporary workers as they treat their existing employees. Savvy Staffing Solutions, LLC and our clients are both responsible for each employee’s safety and health. It is essential that our clints and Savvy Staffing, LLC implicitly comply with this requirement. We ask all clients to provide specific training pertaining to the job description agreed upon and your company's safety guidelines for on the job training, prior to the employee's start date or the day of arrival.

Our employee can refuse work if there is reason to believe that the work place is unsafe and is likely to endanger himself/herself or other workers. Savvy Staffing, LLC provides our employees with a job description or “Job Order”. Savvy Staffing Solutions, LLC employers will be instructed to only perform those duties outlined on the Job Order. Duties that are outside of the scope of this agreement must be approved by Savvy Staffing Solutions, LLC before any employee can perform them. Our clients must make contact and communicate to Savvy Staffing Solutions, LLC if the employee's job description changes.


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