How’s Your Work Ethic?


From students to career veterans, work ethic can mean the difference between getting ahead to not getting a thing. If you are constantly adding valuable experience to your resume, adding positive referrals to your network, and keeping your eyes open for opportunity, growth will be in your future. From the very beginning of your pursuit, students should consider finding valuable positions within firms or organizations that you think may add value. Start early making contacts and solidifying relationships with people in the company. Make a commitment to becoming a valuable resource for them. It may lead to a guaranteed position on your next college break or better still, a job when you graduate.

Employers want to see initiative and consistency. Gaps in your resume are not the greatest. Some gaps are justifiable, but no matter why there is time off from the work world, there should also be proof of personal growth. For instance, if there is a layoff and you decide to further your education or training, or perhaps you have focused on a family. You can consider continuing your education or volunteering in hopes of resuming a career at some point. Staying focused on a growth pattern and connected to your community can make a difference.

Gaps on your resume will be addressed in the interview process at every company that you seek employment from, so be aware and plan ahead. Most employers want to hire someone with experience, so right out of the collegiate gates, it is you against the experienced ones that get a step up by interning or working hard to make connections during school. You can graduate with 4 years of experience, a full network of contacts and on top of your game…or you can see what opportunities are left over after determined people get hired. We all have choices and employers love to see a history of hard work and accomplishments.


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