Curious About ​What Makes Our Company Unique? ​

Warning: This post may be a gut check for all working people. (This post is written with our potential clients in mind, but present clients and candidates can also get to know us better.)

It may be crazy to start with a gut check warning, however as a part of an expert team of recruiters, account managers, sales professionals and entrepreneurs who are 100% dedicated to locating the candidates for staffing businesses just likes yours, consider that question very carefully. Our innate personality as a business makes us confident partners.

At any moment of the day, each Savvy Staffing team is working with dozens of companies. Our goals are often the same. We know our industries. There aren’t many surprises we haven’t been subject to. Our time in the staffing space has helped us create relationships with all of the associations and associates you know and work with on a daily basis. Four decades of time creates a lot of long relationships. We are behind the scene partners with many local businesses, helping them reach their goals and surpass their competition. We are known for integrity, tenacity and loyalty in the staffing and recruiting industry.

We stay on top of the latest trends. We have invested in state-of-the-art internal communication tools and we are consistently flooded with new ideas, strategies, and market drivers contributed by every team member. This enables us to gather ideas and innovative ways to source our candidates quickly. Our network is rock solid. We could boast about how many hours or people we place in a given period. We sure do feel good putting hundreds of people to work every week across New England. We also feel pretty good knowing you are hitting your numbers because we helped get you there. Our hours are spent combing over resumes and latest-and-greatest technology so that you don’t have to. You can concentrate on your business at hand.

We don’t talk about the number of hours spent searching for your perfect candidate or postings read or interviews that we complete… over and over and over again before presenting our clients to you. We may interview six people and because you educated us on what we need to filter for you, we may only present one of those six. Because of that, our deliverable is much more invested in than it appears at face value. We work for you at no cost until we find a fit for your company. We sign an agreement to start our search and then our team searches for you at no cost to your company, until we find the right person. We then guarantee our candidate in terms. We want our clients to  be 100% satisfied.

Bottom line? Savvy Staffing Solutions finds you the best candidates. We take it quite personally, actually.

Behind the scenes, we are constantly building our brand to catch more fish with our nets. For you to know about our 5% increase in traffic on LinkedIn is NOT the best part of your day. You don’t have time to care about our traffic–visitors, followers, fans, or the like. We are working on our social footprint strategically and intentionally. We care about our relationships and build them in the community where we thrive. We are locally owned. We are not a big conglomerate, although we do choose to partner with the very best. Savvy Staffing is owned and operated by industry pros from our corporate HQ in downtown Worcester. Recently purchased, the 1890 Victorian was an investment in the heart of the city. We see the growth happening and we are in front of it. With 5 other offices in Massachusetts we are able to make relationships all over New England and to turn on a dime when we need to –with zero red tape. You have special needs? Let us have a conversation. We have no corporation to run it through.

You need placements.  We understand what you are up against. We have people.

You’re running a growing business that, by now, has seen steady growth, but you’re still spending nights and weekends working late because you aren’t willing to take the risk of losing your momentum. We get it.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Savvy Staffing is a company of insanely dedicated people that care about one thing, our customers–clients and candidates. We have a core team that has been with us since the beginning. In this industry, that is saying a lot. It is hectic. It is non-stop.

It is what we thrive on.

Our recruiters and sales team become an extension of your HR department. They become your team here at Savvy. They are your coordinators. They listen and they are exceptional at what they do. They find the keywords in your dialogue and direct their search as they learn from you exactly what you are looking for. Every nuance and description is noted. From company culture to working environment, we hear you. If you have trouble describing exactly what you need, we are experts in asking the right questions to get there. We become the right hand of many of our clients and we are so proud of that.

So, if you are still reading this, you know at least one thing. We know the grind very well. It’s hard work to keep a company alive.

We know it’s hard to put your laptop down, shut off your phone, and stop working, even for a little while. We know its hard when you have to work late or miss family events because you can’t drop the ball. This turns into….








Get togethers.

Guys’ nights.

Girl’s weekends.

You’re always ‘on the clock.’

Your candidates can drop off the face of the Earth. Your company begins to expect that you can perform magic on a weekly basis. Today an admin, tomorrow…




Time off.

Time away.

Sick leave.

Work from home.




The chaos never ends, you just get used to dealing with it. The stress can be overwhelming. Sometimes you don’t even know whats going on until you have a moment of freedom, then it feels like you just woke up from a dream.

We have the grit to run a successful staffing company, and the ​audacity to question the status quo. You deserve all of the rewards that come with innovative approaches and we are crazy enough to try anything to find solutions.

You get to watch people grow.

You watch jobs turn into careers.

We can sometimes catch a client in a state of happiness, even elation.

Together, we create something from nothing.

We’re supporting the growth of your company. We love that.

A movement. An infrastructure. A sector of human capital.

We create value. Our employees, our clients, our candidates… none of them have to work with us. There are options, there will always be options. They see something in us that they hadn’t seen in anyone else. That big, giant, fiery spark of passion.

No one forces you to work in staffing. You can easily — very easily — work in another office and help them follow their passion. There’s nothing wrong with that. We are wholly and happily employed by Savvy Staffing Solutions.

Each employee treats the company as if it were family. We all do tasks that weren’t in our job descriptions. We always ask how we can make our company better, both for our team, for the owners, and most importantly for you, our clients.

As is true for you, our clients don’t have to be our clients.  There are thousands of groups of people huddled around computers in every corner of this state, that, at first glance, provide the same service offering we do.

I haven’t been with Savvy Staffing for that long, so I don’t know how all of our clients came to partner with us. Hearing stories about how some relationships came to be are incredible, telling of years of collaboration. The idea that two companies can come together and partner over decades, as a resource for each other is inspirational.

Knowing that we were the reason companies grew at pivotal times is why we are in business.

All I know is that today, I see Savvy Staffing currently building more relationships that bring peace of mind to companies all over New England. Our team is passionate and dedicated in crazy ways that only that special breed of people know.  We have all worked with them. Hopefully, you are one. We do not stop working until we find solutions. This challenge is invigorating and our staff was hired by pros who can identify those human traits. If you ask me, the partners we have recognize that spark, the energy and the dedication when they see it.  That is the stuff. We are connectors and we are obsessed with success! Our collaborative team use everything we have to make it happen, by choice every day.


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