The Value of Temporary Assignments

In this economic climate and with this employment market, there are candidates out there that may be at a crossroads. With companies downsizing, there are some very viable candidates that are in the current market with years of experience and marketable skills. These are often workers who have been downsized, or perhaps have taken early retirement options. While searching for their next career move, they discover out of necessity to keep working or simply to stay sharp.

Is temping a good move? Absolutely. Temp work is a perfect chance for a candidate to try out different roles, work in different industries, even add new skills and experience to their resume. Another great reason is to build your network. Creating a strong network and keeping solid relationships could be the glue that keeps it together and opens up new doors.

A temporary assignment gives you a perfect way to “test the waters”. Getting first hand experience gives you great insight into the industry, the companies you hope to work for and puts you in line to work permanently, while building your skill set. You want to stay viable, to keep earning and to aggressively further your career.  The longer you remain out of work, the more difficult it can be to get hired. Historically, companies don’t want to hire candidates that have been out of work for long periods of time for many reasons. Sometimes it is as simple as they are not used to the daytime schedules, their lifestyle changes and even standing for long periods of time could cause a problem. It is best to keep working, keep gaps off your resumé and stay focused on the future.

If you aren’t thinking of career changing or need a new job as soon as possible, here are other reasons why a  temporary assignment may be worth it:

  • Going to a temp job everyday keeps you on a schedule, keeps you actively thinking and keeps your head up.
  • Working and connecting with people keeps you motivated and increases your chances of getting hired by that company or another that can use your skills.
  • Gets you a paycheck. You have experience and can offer employers skills and benefits of not having to train and wait out the learning curve.
  • Builds your professional network. Relationships are important, especially now. Use your network and invest in those connections.
  • Build references for future employers to contact about what you’ve been up to lately.
  • Keeps your resume viable. Gaping holes are not good on anyone’s resumé.
  • It is exciting! Short term expectations, quick projects that you can go in and be successful at. There is freedom in feeling that you are not tied down to that one job permanently.

When you are going to work everyday and earning a paycheck, you just feel better. You keep your confidence up. So while looking for your dream job, keep the engines running and your focus on the prize!

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